Something to Ponder...

The strength of any society is based upon the strength of the ties between the generation gaps. We at Rock Out Youth Foundation seek to narrow and eventually eliminate the gaps that exist. In order for our current society to regain strength, we must re-establish healthy connections with our youth.

Through our own example, we seek to teach our youth to be leaders. Our desire is equip them to be able to speak out to those of their generation.

We can not afford to hesitate for another moment. Whether you are older or younger, just look at your own life and count how many meaningful connections you have with people outside your own generation and you will see that our society must reconnect.

So, How Are We Different From Other Foundations?

Sometimes parents forget what it is like to be young - they forgot how hard it is to fit in, and be accepted; but, the ROY foundation can see beyond the current reality. We get it! Today's society is based around conformity; therefore, surviving in today's culture, can be more challenging, compared to how it was in the past.

Will you join us and be a voice to your youth? Together we bring WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE! Fight the fight with truth, not violence, do not get caught up in what you see - instead be an example, that others can follow.