Who Am I?
Why Am I Here?

You are a leader! Set apart for a purpose!
You are someone who doesn't follow along with the crowd unnoticed.
Realize the great value of your worth.
The valuable part of you is above and not beneath anyone.
You are a leader and not a follower.
Acquire and attain your ability to succeed with what's already in you...
...your talents.

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Practicum and Volunteer Opportunities

We currently have practicum openings.
We are here to help facilitate your educational goals.

We also have volunteer positions available.

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Join With Us

In partnership with people like you,
we can help shape a better tomorrow,
for our communities and for our youth.
Our focus is on youths and young adults (12-25+)
as well as at risk and juvenile youths.

You have our commitment to the honorable stewardship of resources on the journey ahead.

Any donation, of any amount, is appreciated.
If you're looking for a suggested amount,
the following options are available:

  • Sponsor a youth for a consultation session @ $25.00
  • Sponsor a specific number of hours @ $35.00/hour
  • Sponsor a package of four 1 hour sessions @ $100.00
  • Sponsor a package of four 4 hour sessions @ $250.00
  • Sponsor a "Let's Talk" group session (minimum of six per group) for 6 hours/month @ $350.00
  • Sponsor a package of four 1 hour sessions/month for a year @ $720.00

You can donate securely through Paypal
with the following credit cards:

Or you can send an Interac e-transfer to:

All donations are tax deductible.
We officially attained Not-For-Profit Charity status on July 20, 2010.

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Key Issues

Teens struggle with identity and purpose.
At Rock Out Youth Foundation we not only will help you find your purpose,
we will Cultivate it though intense one on one strength-based mentoring/training programs.

Cultivate - verb - "Try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill)"


Rock Out Youth Foundation has found a new home!
As of May 1st, we have opened our doors to serve our community!
Whatever you need - whatever you are going through.
We are here for you!

Suite # 340 - 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Calgary , AB

Looking in through the front doors

Looking in through the front doors

Welcome to the reception desk

Welcome to the reception desk

View of the lounge

View of the lounge

View from the patio

View from the patio

Free coffee and tea

Free coffee and tea


We are looking for:
Community Partnerships
Community Donors
Business Partners

We are also looking for Practicum students, who are currently enrolled in:
Social Work
Human Services
Criminal Justice programs

At Rock Out Youth Foundation, we believe in our young adults who are involved in programs such as those above! The anchor to our vision is not just cultivating our youth and bridging the gap in society, it is enabling young adults to lead our youth in society - to promote growth in them.

Community Partnerships

We are please to announce ROYF's first partnership with Gilead Psycology!
Anything you're going through ROYF is here!

Gilead covers

Individual & Group Sessions

Addiction & Mental Health

Children & Adults from Addiction Background


Self Esteem



Communication Skills




Learning Disabilities




CATCH-21 for Schools

Addiction Treatment Centers

Resources for Autistic spectrum and FASD

Gilead means mountain top, healing, freedom, safety, and a place of refuge. Gilead is associated with a balm that brings healing, soothes and relieves pain. And that is why we have partnered to have Gilead on our team!

Georginia Nwoke
M.Sc, PGCE, GCP, Registered Psychologist

About The Foundation

Rock Out Youth Foundation was founded in 2008. In 2010, Rock Out Youth Foundation was registered as a charitable not-for-profit foundation.

About The Founder

Chantel Paris founded the Rock Out Youth Foundation in 2008. Chantel has been actively working with youth since 2008. First volunteering at the Calgary Young Offender Centre mentoring the youth for six years, and then recently got on as the Centre Chaplain.

Chantel is going into her seventh year at the CYOC. Prior to this, Chantel was an Educational Teacher's Assistant at Heritage Christian Academy School teaching grades 7-12 for three years.

Chantel holds a Human Services Professional Diploma from Columbia College with a focus on psychology and counselling.

Chantel is also a published author of two books! Chantel has exceeded above and beyond her passion for today's youth with ROYF. It is her tenacity, loyalty, and desire to help the youth push through the obstacles and believes in them with a full heart! Incredible woman of valor!
Join her team! Sign-up today!

Contact Us

Phone: 403-464-7702

Location: Suite # 340 - 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Calgary, Alberta

Email: hello@rockoutyouthfoundation.com

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